Streamline Your Social Planning and Collaboration

Actyble enables effortless collaboration with your circle. Plan and organize activities, share them on each other's calendars, and stay connected with a messenger and built-in activity chat for smooth communication.


What does Actyble offer?

The ultimate social planning app designed for effortless collaboration with your family, friends and colleagues. It combines a social calendar with a messenger and built-in activity chat, providing a seamless platform for coordinating joint plans and creating unforgettable shared experiences.

Social Calendar

Collaborate effortlessly with Actyble's integrated social calendar. Easily plan, manage, and share activities with others. Engage anyone by directly adding your activities to their calendars, making it convenient for them to join and create meaningful connections through shared experiences.

  • Unified Calendar: Stay organized and plan together in one centralized place.
  • Real-time Updates: Stay informed with instant notifications for scheduled activities.
  • Dynamic Social Feed: Explore a social feed-like calendar and scroll through all activities.
  • Changeable Calendar Format: Switch between weekly and monthly views.


Connect and communicate seamlessly with Actyble's integrated messenger. Enjoy private, real-time messaging with anyone, keeping your conversations efficient. Chats are also integrated into all activities to help you better organize with anyone, ensuring smooth collaboration and effective communication.

  • Real-time Messaging: Chat instantly with anyone for seamless and timely communication.
  • Notifications: Stay updated with notifications for new messages and changes in your conversations.
  • Message Deletion: Delete prior messages and comments from both ends for privacy and tidiness.
  • Activity Sending: Send activities to private conversations for better planning.


Events or meetings, parties or sports, gatherings or just things to do - all are activities! Whether public or private, in-person or online - you decide. Boost engagement by sharing activities directly to others' calendars or joining activities organized by others. Actyble empowers effortless activity management and encourages meaningful connections.

  • Activity Sharing: Share activities directly to others' calendars or send them as messages.
  • Add to Calendar: Discover public activities and save interesting ones to your calendar.
  • Discuss and Engage: Join the conversation with other participants on any activity.
  • Public Activities: Create public activities and benefit from organic promotion within the Actyble community.

Key Features

Discover the essential features that Actyble offers to enhance your social planning and collaboration experience.

Social Calendar

Plan and schedule activities, view activities on a dynamic social feed, and stay informed about happenings in your circle.

Activity Organization

Organize events, meetings, and gatherings, choosing between public or private, in-person or online options.


Receive push notifications for upcoming events, and notify friends and family about activities.

Integrated Messenger

Chat privately with instant messaging, collaborate with friends, and share essential information.

Promote personal brand

Tell the public more about yourself and share your individual and professional background.

User Search & Connections

Expand your circle, find other users, and build communities through following and mutual connections

Mobile Apps

Available for your

Actyble is now at your fingertips! Stay connected and organized with your social network anytime, anywhere. Download now and experience Actyble on the go!